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Hollókő (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈholːoːkøː]) is a Palóc ethnographic village in Hungary and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its name means “Raven-stone” in Hungarian. The village is located in Nógrád county, approximately 91.1 kilometres northeast from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It lies in a valley of Cserhát Mountains, surrounded by low peaks. The natural environment is protected.

Holloko castle – Hungary

The Old Village of Hollókő is a Palócz settlement located in the County of Nógrád in Northern Hungary, about 100 km north-east of Budapest. The Old Village, which has been deliberately preserved, is a living example of rural life before the agricultural revolution of the 20th century. The rural architectural ensemble, which covers 145 ha, consists of 55 residential buildings, farm buildings and the church. Together, the traditional Palócz use of architectural forms and materials form a harmonious unit with the surrounding landscape and natural environment, characterized by strip-field farming, orchards, vineyards, meadows and woods. The property also includes the medieval castle ruins situated on the hill perched above the village, which is mentioned as early as 1310. This castle played a decisive part in the feudal wars of the Palóc and the Hussite and served as protection for the village whose ruins have been found a little way from its walls.

Holloko – Hungary

Every Easter Monday there is a tradition unique to Hungary: all the girls of the household get up early, finely paint eggs with red laquer, and then dress in their finest clothes and wait. Then throughout the day the boys and men of the town arrive at the house one by one and recite a poem to the girls. This seems very romantic until the end of the poem when the boy then throws cold water over the girl and rather than being slapped is proudly presented with the painted egg in return!

Holloko -Hungary

Sambucus ebulus, also known as danewort, dane weed, danesblood, dwarf elder or European dwarf elder,walewortdwarf elderberryelderwort and blood hilder is a herbaceous species of elder, native to southern and central Europe .

Borzag – The Special material of Paloc Herbal Distillate

Sambucus ebulus fruits have been used in the traditional Hungarian medicine for treatment of disorders of the respiratory tract and fever. Famous the hungarian “borzag pálinka”, this is a herbal distillate. You can taste this famous drink.

How Long : About 8-10 hours with stops along the way to rest enjoy the scenery & take photographs

What to bring : Comfortable foot wear with non-slip soles that can get wet and muddy are advisable, as well as a hat and sun block a camera and lots of film.

Where : We meet in front of your Hotel (reception).

When : Every day, Begin at 8.30 & ends at About 18.00

Walking distance: 1-3 km

Cost : USD $ 200 per person includes
– Herbal Tea
– Transfer Budapest-Hollókő-Budapest  400 km  |  4 hour
– Hungarian herbal cake
– Holloko castle ticket
– Borzag palinka /special paloc herbal drink/

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